Discount: Pure MCT Oil – Liquid Supplement for Salad Dressings, Food and More – Best Capsuless MCT Formula for Boosted Energy, Weight Loss and Brain Health – 32 FL OZ – Zenwise Labs


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Refine your body’s metabolism and energy with Zenwise Labs health-refining MCT Oil

A 100% pure, fractionated coconut oil supplement that supports proper weight management and optimal energy!

- Regulates cholesterol

- Moderates metabolism and blood sugar levels

- Boosts energy and cognitive function

- Refines nutrient uptake to help lose weight

A scentless, flavorless formula that’s easy to digest and great with other foods and drinks. Goes great with:

- Coffee (to make it Bulletproof)

- Smoothies

- Sauces and oil-based salad dressings

- It can be taken on it’s own just as well!

Make Zenwise Labs your trusted source for premium-quality supplements and unrivaled customer care:

- 32 fl oz bottle for top value.

- Contains no wheat, egg, milk, peanut or shellfish.

- Made in FDA-registered facilities that are GMP certified.

- Manufactured in the USA.

  • The Pinnacle of Healthy Weight Management – Zenwise Labs’ 100% Pure MCT Oil is a powerful capsule-free dietary supplement that grants improved health and well-being for men and women that aspire to achieve noticeable weight loss. This high-grade oil optimizes the body’s metabolism and blood sugar to help regulate and balance nutrient absorption quicker and more efficiently.
  • Can Be Added to Your Favorite Foods & Drinks – This scentless and flavorless liquid oil is a great addition for bulletproof coffee, sauces, oil-based salad dressings and more! It can even be added into smoothies for added nutrient uptake. All it takes is a single tablespoon to select foods and beverages to keep your metabolic rate in control, your cholesterol levels regulated and your body leaner.
  • Powerful Formula for Prime Energy – Zenwise Labs’ fractionated coconut oil – 100% Pure MCT Oil fuels the body with natural sustained energy that will keep you feeling active and lively. Works great as an exercise supplement, and won’t leave you feeling jittery, nauseous or susceptible to sugar-crashes.
  • Boosts Cognitive Function – A 100% pure and natural medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) supplement that enhances ketone production in the brain to make the mind feel more alert, aware and focused for the whole day.
  • A Supplement You Can Trust – Our FDA-registered facility is NSF and GMP certified, and all of our products are manufactured in the USA. Contains no wheat, egg, milk, peanut or shellfish for allergen-sensitive men and women.