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Herbal Supplement. Facts: Garlic promotes heart and cardiovascular health and helps maintain cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range. This product contains the natural Garlic component, Allicin. Our specialized cold pressing method pre

Nature's Bounty Logo Odor-Free Garlic 2000 mg
120 Tablets
Nature's Bounty Odor-Free Garlic 2000 mg (120 Tablets)
Garlic 2000 mg
  • Specialized cold processing method preserves garlic’s natural goodness while reducing the odor.

  • Easy-to-swallow softgels.
At a Glance

Nature’s Bounty Garlic Odorless Tablets feature garlic, which has been cherished for centuries for its revitalizing properties.* These tablets support a healthy heart and cardiovascular system and help maintain cholesterol levels that are already within a normal range.*


Garlic has a long history as a rejuvenating herb, but for some people, eating garlic daily is not the best option. Nature’s Bounty garlic supplements promote heart and cardiovascular health and help maintain cholesterol levels that are already within a normal range.*


Natural herb supplements are used to assist the body’s fight against various health conditions, as well as to promote general well-being.* The use of herbal supplements, along with a healthy diet, is beneficial to living a healthy lifestyle.* Nature’s Bounty herbs come in a variety of formulations, and all products are fully assayed for potency, purity, and freshness.


Heart HealthbulletHeart Health

Your heart is the most important muscle in your body, and it’s responsible for the pumping of nutrients. Taking Nature’s Bounty heart health supplements along with regular exercise and a healthy diet can help keep your heart healthy and strong.*


bulletNature’s Bounty: Quality You Can Count On

Health-conscious people have trusted Nature’s Bounty for decades. Our dedication to quality, consistency, and scientific research has resulted in vitamins and nutritional supplements of unrivaled excellence. By combining the latest breakthroughs in nutritional science with the finest ingredients, Nature’s Bounty is proud to provide you with supplements of unsurpassed quality and value.

Nature’s Bounty supplements are overseen by scientists, manufacturing specialists, and quality experts, each one dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standards. As part of a commitment to quality, Nature’s Bounty only uses ingredients from suppliers that meet stringent Quality Assurance Standards, as well as GMP food quality standards. Every Nature’s Bounty product is subjected to numerous quality tests and assays throughout the manufacturing process to verify purity and full potency.


bulletWhat’s in the Box

Nature’s Bounty Odor-Free Garlic 2000 mg (120 Tablets).

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • Pack of four, 120-count(total of 480-counts)
  • Helps maintain cholesterol levels
  • Herbal supplement