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Biotin Forte Extra Strength-5 mg by Enzymatic Therapy Inc. 60 Tablet Biotin Forte Extra Strength-5 mg 60 Tablet Provides support for nervous system and circulatory system health. In the body biotin can be used over and over again. The biotin cycle – made possible by the enzyme biotinidase – may be one reason biotin supports hair and skin health.1 Its an excellent reason your customers should consider this formula Biotin is essential it helps convert carbohydrates to energy and helps metabolize fats and protein. Adequate biotin levels are also needed for healthy nervous system function. All these things are important to support in a stressful world. Provides support for key systems Biotin Forte helps maintain blood pressure levels already within normal limits. B-vitamins convert undesirable homocysteine into methionine a helpful amino acid that protects cells and supports nerve signals. B vitamins and vitamin C work together to nourish strong nails healthy hair and skin. Supplement Fac

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