Discount: #1 AMBER TEETHING NECKLACE FOR BABIES by Irie Infant – Teething Pain & Drooling, Anti Inflmmatory (Unisex) – Organic Teething Relief – Highest Quality, (Honey)


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Premium Amber Teething Necklace To Comfort Your Little One; Can Be Worn as Anklet, or Bracelet

Provide Relief To The Little One You Love, In Style!

- Does your baby show discomfort when teething?
- Does your baby or toddler drool excessively when teething?
- Would you like to provide natural organic relief to your uncomfortable little one?
- Are you looking for the perfect baby gift?


Natural analgesic, relief from inflammation and drooling. Mom and Dad Approved homeopathic medicine reduces pain and soothes inflammation in gums. Discover the benefits of genuine Baltic amber! Succinic acid benefits all ages, from infant to adult! As an adult necklace, order TWO and link for a larger necklace.

Great Gift for Baby or Toddler

- Gift pouch included for convenience
- Beautiful pouch can be used for gifting and storing necklace to prevent loss or damage
- Unisex color of necklace and gift pouch

Money Back Guarantee by Mod Baby Shops if you are not satisfied. There is NO RISK to give us a try!

These Baltic amber teething necklaces are going fast Add to cart NOW and help soothe your little one!

Safety Requirements

- Do NOT leave baby unattended while wearing the necklace
- Remove the necklace while baby is sleeping or unattended
- Do NOT allow baby to chew or suck on the necklace
- The teething benefits are gained from the beads touching the skin by wearing, DO NOT ALLOW BABY/TODDLER TO PUT IN MOUTH

  • GENUINE Baltic amber teething necklace contains a natural analgesic to reduce teething pain, drooling, and fussiness. HELP SOOTHE YOUR BABY or toddler’s oral pain naturally for organic teething relief!
  • Amber teething necklaces are made from 100% raw Baltic amber beads; try us RISK FREE! These soothing beads have been lab tested for authenticity! We know your baby deserves the absolute best. We guarantee you’re purchasing the highest quality product available!
  • Amber teething necklace beads have an unpolished natural finish; smooth edges are comfortable against baby’s delicate skin. The little one you love deserves every consideration!
  • Baby teething necklace is a MUST HAVE for your little one’s pain relief! Can also be worn as an anklet or bracelet depending on the size of your sweet baby or toddler; bead strand length is 32 cm (12.6 in) long, safety knotted between each amber bead with a screw clasp for safety.
  • Perfect unisex gift for baby or toddler; versatile, functional, and fashionable. Purchase alone or bundle with our aspirator for the BEST baby shower gift!