Arthritis: Ways To Make The Pain Bearable

Arthritis is a very broad term and can mean around 500 different conditions in just about as many joints. RA (rheumatoid arthritis) is the most common form, and also the most serious. Rheumatoid arthritis is usually age-related, and it can significantly slow you down. Continue on to the article below for additional helpful details about rheumatoid arthritis.

Sleep is vital! It gives your body a fighting chance against the pain of arthritis. The amount of sleep people require usually vary from 6-8 hours per night, more if the stress level is high. Good sleep is one of the best things you can give your body.

TIP! If you are a smoker, consider quitting, and if you don’t smoke, avoid cigarettes. Inflammation will be made worse if your blood does not flow to the extreme parts of your body and cause a lot of unneeded pain.

Keep a diary everyday if you have rheumatoid arthritis. A journal may help you to recognize what is triggering your arthritis flare-ups. It can also work to learn what will help control your symptoms. You can share this information with your doctor to help him best prescribe treatment options. A diary can be a great tool for documenting and understanding what causes pain.

If you have arthritis, don’t wear heels or uncomfortable shoes. It doesn’t matter which part of your body is affected by arthritis, uncomfortable shoes and heels will cause you walk in an abnormal manner, which can negatively affect your joints and muscles. Try buying comfy sneakers that can support you better.

TIP! Stopping arthritis early can be beneficial. A technique to prevent of the hands is to use good typing practices.

Learn as much as possible about arthritis so that you can have an active role when it comes to managing your disease. You will find a host of resources online that offer strategies to help you improve the quality of your life through diet, exercise and management of pain. If you take the time and do the research, you will discover new treatments and techniques to help you cope with and prevent the pain of arthritis.

You can gain better control over arthritis by looking for ways to relax, as well as eliminating excess stress. The chemicals released by your body when you are stressed can aggravate your arthritis and increase your sensitivity to pain. Perhaps you could find a more efficient way to organize your time, exercise, or simply learn to see things from a different perspective and stop worrying about details.

TIP! When you smoke, you will have less flexibility, and more chances for arthritis pain. The negative impact it has on your arthritis symptoms is just one more factor to motivate you to quit smoking today.

The best way to treat RA is to do everything you can to prevent it. There are a number of easy things you can do to reduce your arthritis risk and live out your life healthfully and free of pain. Don’t wait to start using the powerful advice in the article above.